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Steve is skilled in storytelling and memoire, as well as academic research.  Most of his writing falls into the category of Christian Living.  Steve has found that his readers are predominately in their 20’s and 30’s, young professionals, believers who are looking for biblical insight expressed with creative words that stir the soul and offer a credible alternative to a Christianity that has been packaged too neatly. Most recently, Steve has partnered with his wife, Ruth, to write children's books.

“I love writing. I find great pleasure in exploring the tones and textures of words; the way they look on the page and the way they sound when spoken. I find a deep sense of satisfaction when I can take an idea and bring it to life with words that excite the imagination and create potent imagery. I delight in the art and craft of telling a story, and the magic of taking readers on a journey to somewhere they have never been before. I am fascinated the power of well-crafted words.” 

My copy of Steve’s book is dog-eared, frayed, and almost solid yellow with highlighter ink. I’ve crammed personal notes and prayers into the margins of nearly every page, entering into the conversation he initiates with wholehearted abandon. Anyone who has ever been frustrated, bored, or disappointed with their faith will find in this book packed with brilliant, thought-provoking, transformational truth. Do NOT miss this book!
(Becky Kimball)

The Presence explores the possibility of drawing closer to God and entertains two primary questions ... what does it take and what do we gain? The book was originally published in 2000 as My Soul Thirsts: an invitation to intimacy with God.

“It is not too often that we get the chance to revisit a conversation and change what we have said in it.  It may not be that we have said something wrong.  It’s more the possibility that we have been misunderstood or that we could have expressed something better than we did.  I often feel that way as a writer.  Even with the precision of printed words that have been rewritten many times and cleaned up by professional editors, there is still an element of uncertainty about the end result.  One of the frustrations of being a writer is that I am never really finished.  I am always searching for a better word or phrase; a better analogy or illustration.  I keep wanting to return to a conversation and clarify what I really meant to say.”  (excerpt from The Presence)

The Presence is my attempt to revisit a conversation that began a long time ago. I have made scads of minor alterations, along with several more significant revisions. It has been expanded and reformatted. And, of course, there is a new title.

You can purchase  The Presence  on Amazon.

Steve Korch keys in on the biggest challenge facing us, namely, to change in generative, responsible ways as the world around us changes dramatically. That big focus, however, is approached through a winsome narrative style that moves artfully between scripture and the specificity of contemporary lived life. The book will be a source of hope and possibility for those who respond courageously to the summons of the author. (Walter Brueggemann)

Coming to Your Senses speaks to one of the most important yet least understood priorities of the Christian life … change.  My passionate desire in writing this book has been to help readers discover how nurturing their spiritual senses (e.g., senses of forgiveness, identity, eternity, wonder, and presence) can lead to authentic, observable, God-honoring change. 

Coming to Your Senses addresses two big questions:

  1. -How does God bring about authentic change in the lives of His people?

  2. -What does authentic change really look like?

This is not just another “how to” book with more burdensome lists of application steps.  In fact, there are none.  While recognizing the vital role of practical direction, this book goes behind the “how to’s” and addresses the very thoughts and images that drive the reader’s decisions.  Through stories, contemporary issues and creative exposition of the Scriptures, I explore a different way of thinking that results in a different way of living.  For readers who seek to live as different people, the promise of this book is simple … authentic change is literally a matter of coming to our (spiritual) senses.

You can purchase Coming to Your Senses  on Amazon.

Hope—As a Way of Life is one of those books you’ll want to gift to others and keep at hand for frequent reference. (The Practicing Hope section at the end of each chapter is especially helpful.) Steve helps ignite a right awe of the hope we have in Christ. He promotes a fresh gratitude and excitement for the reality of it, while providing clarity regarding this often hard-to-grasp subject.
-Cathy McIlvoy

"We all have some measure of hope. We can’t survive without it. And yet the uncertainty of our hope may cause us to hedge our bets. There’s an old English proverb from the 1800s that has endured until today: “Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.”It’s a common philosophy for life that longs for something positive in the future, but operates under the assumption that the realities of life are more likely." (excerpt)

 HOPE as a way of life offers practical encouragement for those whose "hope reserves" are running low. But it also invites us to consider the source of our hope. What are we counting on to be true in the future in order have confidence in the present? The answer to that question is vital.

You can pre-order HOPE as a way of life on Amazon.


The Legionnaire's Son

The Legionnaire’s Son is the fascinating account of discovering my Swedish father.  In 1997, I received a shocking message that launched an incredible journey.  The odyssey touched every aspect of my life.  I discovered unknown secrets of my past and siblings I never knew existed.  I encountered fascinating stories of heroes and villains; stories filled with plots and sub-plots; repeating story-lines of hope, tragedy and redemption.  I learned dark secrets about my mother and hidden dramas within our home.  Through it all, I found my own life redefined and my very identity reshaped. 

“There are certain days that stand out from the rest.  The day may appear to be ordinary, but something within it alters the course of a life in such a profound way that the earth itself seems to turn a page of its own history.  It may be a dramatic event; a brush with fate or a chance encounter.  It could be the receiving of a gift or the suffering of a great loss.  Often, it comes in simple words that disturb the world as we know it.  The words themselves can become the dramatic event, the gift or the loss.  Once heard, nothing is the same.  An ordinary day becomes the end of one chapter and the beginning of another.”  (excerpt from The Legionnaire’s Son)

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