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Dr. Steve Korch has been on the faculty of Western Seminary since 1999. He is Associate Professor of Pastoral Theology and the Director of Pastoral Training for the San Jose campus.

Dr. Korch has pursued advance research into how people experience authentic change as a result of their redemption in Jesus. His research has had a profound impact on his own life, as well as on the courses he teaches.

The church needs leaders; men and women who know the Scriptures, with practical skills in ministry and hearts that are passionately sold out to Jesus. I consider it a privilege to partner with God and my colleagues in training such leaders.


The Theology & Practice of Worship  (DMS-502)

This course addresses the biblical foundations and core concepts of worshipping God.  Students explore worship logic and culture, and experiment with developing and leading authentic public worship.

Learning to Love God & Others  (SFS-501)

This course explores the theological and practical dynamics of evangelical spirituality that provide a solid foundation for rich fellowship with the Triune God and for living out the Great Commandment.

Practicing Prayer & Other Spiritual Disciplines  (SFS-502)

This course explores spiritual disciplines taught by Scripture and practiced by believers throughout the ages. Extended attention is given to developing a biblical understanding and practice of prayer.

Thinking Theologically About Ministry  (DMS-501)

This course is designed to help students see practical ministry through a biblical / theological lens.  Students develop a personal philosophy of ministry as the foundation for relevant ministry designs.

Developing Godly Leadership for the 21st Century  (DMS-506) 

This course moves from definitions of leadership to the core values of a leader; how to take ministry through a vision process, engage in strategic planning, make and implement decisions, build great teams, work through conflict and change, delegate tasks, and effectively mentor the next generation of leaders.

Creative Communication  (PTS-510, 514, 524)

These courses address how to organize and develop life-changing sermons based upon careful biblical interpretation.  Students learn how to communicate the relevance of the biblical message to a contemporary audience.

Providing Pastoral Care  (PTS-506)

This course examines the role of a shepherd and the biblical foundations for pastoral care. Students will learn to conduct ordinances, weddings, and funerals.  The essentials of pastoral counsel, visitation and care to the dying will be covered.

Mentored Field Ministry  (MFM-501, 502, 503, 504)

These courses are designed to help students gain greater confidence and competence in the actual practice of those ministry skills.  Mentoring is provided through both individual meetings with an experienced practitioner and peer ministry reflection groups.

Practicing a Theology of Change  (PTS-562)

This course is designed to help students take a leading role in transformational ministry by developing a biblical theology of change and exploring practical ministry concepts that can bring such a theology to life.

Preparing for Ministry Transition  (PTS-562xs)

Most of those involved in ministry leadership will find themselves walking through a ministry transition at some time in their years of service. This can be a prolonged and frustrating experience filled with unexpected obstacles and surprising disappointments. This new course is designed to help students prepare for such transitions by providing biblical insights and practical tools.

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