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pursuing the art of creative communication.


Steve Korch is available as a speaker for church services, camps, conferences and retreats.  He speaks to gatherings, small and large, inner city and suburban; communities with a wide range of ethnicity and denominational heritage. Steve has been the featured speaker at high school camps, college and singles retreats, family camps and numerous worship services.

Steve is a student of the Scriptures, of people, and of God.  He speaks from themes that have become the passions of his heart.  They are themes of brokenness and redemption, authentic spiritual formation, and intimacy with God.  Steve is a creative storyteller with the ability to capture the attention and imagination of diverse audiences.  His messages bring insight to difficult questions and hope to weary travelers.


Mercy: The Pulse of The Gospel is a series of four messages that explore what the Scriptures say about mercy. It has been commonly said that grace is getting what you don’t deserve and mercy is not getting what you do deserve. However, the biblical concept of mercy is far deeper and broader. This series is designed to move mercy from a vague idea to a living reality.

Mercy: the evidence of new life

Mercy: the Gospel in real-time

Mercy: embedded in a Prayer

Mercy: the foundation of forgiveness

Praying Like Jesus: a series of four messages that explore the Lord’s Prayer as found in Matthew 6:9-13. In this simple prayer, Jesus offers more than a mantra to be recited in our church services. It is the center-piece of His teaching on the subject, and provides us with a template that can revolutionize how we pray.

How Not to Pray  (Matthew 6:5-8)

The Most Compelling Reason to Pray  (Matthew 6:9)

Praying God’s Story into Ours  (Matthew 6:9-10)

Praying Our Story into God’s  (Matthew 6:11-13)

The Art of Contentment: a series of three messages that explore what it means to be content.  What is the “secret” of contentment? How does the idea of contentment work with the pursuit of goals and dreams?  Philippians 4:11-18 offers insight into "how much is enough?" by redefining the very idea of contentment.

Living Beyond Our Expectations  (Philippians 4:11-13)

Addition & Subtraction  (Philippians 4:14-17)

Redefining What Is Enough  (Philippians 4:18-19)

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