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HOPE(06): the self talk of truth

Because hope is an attachment to the future, it needs cords of information that tie the present to what lies ahead. In the grip of our thoughts, the anticipation of the future can pull us through anything this life offers. But if I let go of that line—if I stop dwelling on what is true—hope vanishes like a dream.

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HOPE(04): on the darkest day

We are in a time of year that is sprinkled with largely overlooked days having obscure names like Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday and Palm Sunday. Although they may show up on our calendars, they receive smaller billing and tend to serve only as reminders that the headliner event, Easter, is drawing near. One of these days seems conspicuously misnamed—Good Friday.

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HOPE(03): looking beyond myself

In the final years of the 7th century BC, the prophet Jeremiah spoke to a society that had overvalued themselves and placed their hopes in their own genius. Their focus had turned inward and they had become the heroes of their own stories. The prophet forecast the inevitable failure of such thinking, but also presented the good news of an alternative.

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HOPE(02): a different kind of waiting

I am not very good at waiting, whether on the phone or in traffic; waiting for people who are late or for snail-mail to arrive. I know that much of life is waiting and most often it feels dead space that I must endure or an inconvenience that stalls the progress of my activities. However, there is a different kind of waiting that I experience; one that is filled with the energy of anticipation.

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HOPE(01): first thoughts

I once read that a person can survive about forty days without food, three days without water, eight minutes without air—but for only one second without hope. I don't know who was the original source of this statement or how accurate the numbers are, but it certainly conveys the vital nature of hope in this desolate world. It seems that hope, whether real or perceived, as grounded expectation or wishful thinking, is essential for human life.

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